Chac Mool

sculpture, photography, architecture, article

Two of the earliest individuals to investigate the Maya civilisation, Augustus Le Plongeon and his wife Alice Dixon Le Plongeon committed their lives to the point in history where the man, the book, and the dream dissolves.


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The Kapala is a sacred cup that is a distinctive feature of the Shivaism tantric tradition, often used ceremonially for offerings to the Dharmapālas; the fierce deities and protectors of the central knowledge of Buddhism.

Leonora Carrington

artist, painting, surreal

Sculptures and signature gossamer dreamscapes that infuse Anglo-Irish pagan mythologies with the spectres of feminine psychology. ︎

Music:  Japanese Ambient

music, japanese, ambient


Album: Oto No Wa – Selected Sounds of Japan [1988-2018]

music, album, electronic, japan

Oto No Wa sets out to map the evolution of chilled Japanese sounds across three decades. Collecting 14 tracks, produced by a wide range of artists, from ambient pioneers to dance-floor veterans.

Mixtape: Young Magic

music, spiritual, ambient, new age


Spiritczualic Enhancement Center

music, esoteric, new age

A nexus of musicians, travellers and artists who explore alchemical realms of meditation through sonic ritualism.


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The Jōmon Period is the earliest historical era of Japanese history which formalised around 14,500 BCE. Its culture is noted for having the longest tradition of pottery anywhere in the world and is one of the oldest, continuous world cultures.

Mayan Flints

culture, philosophy, sculpture, article

Eccentric Mayan Flints are ornamental carvings with attributes of divine forces of nature locked inside their fractal forms.

Odilon Redon

artist, painting, symbolism

Considered as one of the precursors to both Dadaism and Surrealism, French Symbolist painter Odilon Redon’s work explored the invisible dimensions in which all physical phenomena seem to be rooted.

Interview: Carlos Rivero 

video, photography, graphic design

Carlos Rivero is a visual storyteller, art director, film maker and photographer, exploring the ethereal states of visual language as it seeps into dream sequences sculpted by his passion for people and nature.

Lady Frieda Harris

artist, painting, tarot, philosohpy, occult

Occultist and artist executant of Aleister Crowley’s influential tarot deck, The Thoth Tarot. 

Jim Buckels –
Metaphysical Landscapes

art, painting, neo-surrealism

An American painter who rose to prominence in the late 80’s through his meticulous Neo-Surrealist style. His work appeals to worlds of photorealism and fantasy. 

Rafal Olbinski

artist, painting, surreal

Rafal Olbinski is a major representative of the Polish School of Posters, a movement that subverted a method of visual propaganda to use as a vehicle for the succinct artistic metaphor of exploring dreams of the subconsious. 

Hildegard of Bingen 

artist, painting, philosophy

Also known as Saint Hildegard and Sibyl of the Rhine, was a German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary, herbalist and overall polymath, who ruled her own monastery of Rupertsberg, high on a hill in rural Germany.

Interview: JJ Cromer

artist, painting, illustration

We interviewed American artist JJ Cromer and delved into his vast oeuvre of abstract asemic painting that exist in the temporal voids between technology, agriculture, politics, spirituality and visual communication.

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