visit: tomás saraceno

︎Visit, Art, Sculpture, Installation
︎ Daniel Müller
︎ Freunde von Freunden –  Vanessa Oberin

The Argentinian artist talks about human presence on Earth and the possibility of an Aerocene age.

Art and science are often described as two opposing disciplines. Looking at the practice of the Argentinian artist and trained architect Tomás Saraceno, such a differentiation is quickly disproved.

Climbing one of his larger-than-life installations feels like becoming part of a scientific speculation about alternative habitats, letting one sense the often disregarded correlation of the human body and its environment in a new way. Whether his Cloud Cities, installations such as In Orbit and On Space Time Foam or even his experiments around spiderwebs and aerosolar journeys, the common thread in Tomás’ works lies in a life lifted off the ground.

When the artist speaks about humans and other lifeforms, he refers to them as passengers with the earth representing the fastest vehicle that ever existed. It moves with a speed of 108,000 kilometers per hour and it will still do so even when we’re not here anymore. FvF have visited Tomás in his Berlin studio to discuss human presence on earth and the possibility of an Aerocene age.

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