Real Life x Melt: Against Immortality

article, technology, biology

Mixtape: KZA

music, mixtape, downbeat


Mixtape: Baby, You Feel Like A Summer Wind

mixtape, music, soft rock, balearic


Mixtape: Neo Image

mixtape, music, dance, disco, new wave


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Ikko Tanaka 

article, graphic design, japanese

Born in Nara, Japan in 1930, Ikko Tanaka created a style of graphic design that fused modernist principles and aesthetics with the Japanese tradition. As a child he studied art and as a young adult he was involved in modern drama and theatrical study groups.

Pablo Amaringo 

article, artist, painting, spirituality

Acclaimed Peruvian artist, Pablo Amaringo is renowned for his intricate and colourful entheogenic visions from drinking the sacred Ayahuasca plant brew. His vivid and detailed paintings, filled with animals, plants, spirits and mythological beings, illuminate the shaman's world.

The Ten Dimensional Maze

article, book, illustration



article, architecture


Kiyoshi Awazu

article, graphic design


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