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Ambient and New-Age music has had something of a renaissance in the past few years. A lot of attention has been given to a whole host of excellent reissues, including from Japanese artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura, Midori Takada and Haruomi Hosono - and deservedly so. However for this first post I want to focus on some of my favourite releases from contemporary Japanese ambient artists, all of whom have worked with Métron Records in some capacity and are worthy additions to the nations ever growing collection of brilliant ambient releases. 

Here’s a handful of releases that I’ve loved of late - all of which are available through Bandcamp. 

Métron Records is a record label & podcast series showcasing music from around the globe.

Further Listening ︎

Meitei - Kwaidan [Evening Chants, 2018]

With a brand new LP for Métron out next year, Hiroshima based producer Meitei teams up with Singapores new cassette label Evening Chants for a reissue of his excellent Kwaidan. Packed full of field recordings, strange vocal samples and ambient tones Kwaidan is a beautifully warped trip into the depths of old Japanese sounds - as the artist continues his exploration of what he calls ‘the lost Japanese mood’

1.Sazanami - 漣 
2. Curio - 骨董 
3.Touba - 塔婆 
4.Jizo - 地蔵 
5. Aoyagi - 青柳 
6. Mōryō - 魍魎 
7. Sankai - 山怪 
8. Shoji - 障子 
9. Mushiro - 筵 
10. Tsukumo - 九十九 

︎Artwork - Katsukawa Shunsho / 勝川春章

Michiru Aoyama - Brilliant Days [Mirae Arts, 2018]

I’d not heard of Michiru Aoyama until I stumbled across the absolutely gorgeous Brilliant Days, his new LP for Californian label Mirae Arts. Shimmering with refracted light, Brilliant Days is best listened to on a brilliant day, basking in the sun, amidst the trees and the birds. The curious sounds, beautiful looping melodies and more traditional guitar work are the perfect accompaniment for a stroll through your nearest park/woods/forest - wherever you can escape to. Absolutely one of my favourite releases of 2018, and the vinyl is still very much available - go grab it whilst you still can!

︎Artwork - Patti Bai

7FO - Moment (Selected Works 2012 - 2017) [Métron Records]

The Osaka based producer has just dropped Ryu no Nukegara his second full length of the year on EM Records, but back in June he released his first offering for us. Moment (2012-2017) is a glorious collection of detailed ambient works packed with warm melodies, unusual and vibrant field recordings, and soothing guitar work. Whilst it is difficult to be impartial about this release I can honestly say it is well worth your time and attention.

A1: Ama ( ( (
A2: Moment
A3: MooNA4: Hakko Suru Zero / 発酵するゼロ  
B1: Ougon No Yuge / 黄金の湯気  
B2: Fate
︎Artwork - Jack Hardwicke & George Kountouras

H. Takahashi - Low Power [White Paddy Mountain, 2018]

Unknown Me member H. Takahashi’s excellent new LP for Japanese label White Paddy Mountain is a cool, minimalist work in the mould of native legend Hiroshi Yoshimura. Nothing is rushed in this gloriously mellow outing - where that famous wet Japanese ambience gently drips through the eight tracks on offer.

2. Blue    
3. Morphine
4. Dust
5. Labyrinth
6. Circulation
7. Eroding
8. Halcyon
︎Artwork - Julien Meert  |  Design - Natsuki Morita