mixtape: the love shines down
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After our short hiatus we are back and ready to bring you the next installment of Deejay Greenman’s Mix residency.

Montreal - Infinity
Allan Thomas - Nine To Five Routine
Michael Henderson - Everybody Sings The Blues
Synod - Future Shock
Galt MacDermot - Ripped Open By Metal Explosions
Rare Earth - Love Shines Down
Almond Marzipan - Summer Love
Heren Mirrell - Mountain High, Valley Low
Alzo Fronte - Don't Ask Me Why
Bryn Haworth - Summer Wine
Woody Simmons - Can't Say Why
Bill Agle - Sunset
Richie Havens - For Haven's Sake
The Monkees - As We Go Along
Mark James - I Found A New Woman