mixtape: syracuse - les souvenirs
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︎ Melt

Whether it be the sound of cosmic libraries, throbbing electronics, astral folk or psychedelic dub, Syracuse absolutely nail it.
Noise In My Head

Brahmagupta’s Dots – Underneath Numbers
Sunrise – Whispers
Main Theme – I Wanna Make Love To That Song
Let’s Have a Swim – Together
Sweet Mirage – I Imagine You Endlessly
It’s Snowing – Over The City of Date Palms
Snake Charmer – Count To Five and Say “Love”
It’s 04:04am – Undercover of Night
Timeless Isle – Oasis In The Desert
Tidal – Sand Waves
Revok Venos – Living Deads
Every Wall – Is a Door / Antinote
Solar Battle – In French / Mind Records
Melancholic – Dance Obsession

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