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mixtape: psychemagik
︎Music, Mixtape, Psych, Rock, Space   
︎ Melt

Beautiful mix from the UK duo Psychemagik.
Via Noise In My Head

Francoeur – Contact
Osamu Kitajima
– Taiyo (The Sun)
Lagu Sunda
– Maenya Sih
Foster Stafford Implosion
– Poem 4
– Fatelikul
The Haunters
– Indian Priest
Dr John
– Take Me There
– Final Appearance
Earl Jones
– Get Together
Nozomi Aoki
– Deconstruction No 1
Julian’s Treatment
– Altarra, Princess Of The Blue Women
Elio’s Friends
– Exotic Girl
Devil Flute
– Cocaine
Ginseng Roots
– Camel Walk To Bagdad (Qpchan Edit)
Double Fantasy
– Endless Running
Electric Connection
– Cry Of The Lone Wolf

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