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mixtape: julien dechery & sundae
︎Mixtape, Music, Chill, Folk    
︎ Leif Podhajsky

"It’s likely that you’ve already encountered French selectors Julien Dechery and Sundae without realising. The epitomes of taste, Julien co-compiled the Tamil synth collection ‘Fire Star’ for Bombay Connection, while Sundae runs the Hollie imprint which salvaged the Arthur Russell produced-Bob Blank engineered Nirosta Steel rarity, as well as Ocelote Rojo’s balearic opus. We freaked over all of these achievements but it’s their collective pool ‘Sky Girl’ that we’re most sentimental about. 15 unmarked cuts of revelatory folk, techno-pop and art music."

- via NoiseInMyHead

I So Liked Spring
Café Des Oiseaux
Sketch For A Manchester Summer
To New Adventures
Now The Sun Has Gone
Cast Reflections
Me For Real (Idjut Dan Edit)
Femme Fatale
Sweet Sultan
Chase The Dragon

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