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mixtape: jen monroe – listen to this!
︎Mixtape, Music, Japanese, Fourth World, Ambient    
︎ Melt

Eclectic mix from Jen Monroe featuring a rota of Japanese, ambient and fourth world sounds.
"I was thinking about escapism, cinematic déjà vu, anime soundtracks, hyper-optimistic fantasy about the experience of tourism, courtyards, commercials, and ruins as I put this together."

Via Blowing Up The Workshop

Jun Miyake - Good Morning Yamanashi
Giovanni Venosta
- Woman In Late
Lena D’água
- Tao
Nuno Canavarro
- Untitled 8
Forrest Fang
- The Luminous Crowd
Einojuhani Rautavaara
- Cantus Arcticus I: Melancholy
- Masto A Iran
Maria Marquez & Frank Harris
- Canto Del Pilon
Lury Lech
- Barreras
Marcel Pérès & Ensemble Organum
- Offertoire “Diffusa Est Gratia In Labiis Tuis” Masami Tsuchiya - Never Mind
Pale Cocoon
- Sora
Connie Francis
- Siboney
Kenji Kawai -
- Breaking The Silence
Hiroko Yakushimaru
- Tomeina Churippu

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︎ Art By Nick Spolarich

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