mixtape: in the shade of sequoias
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To kickstart our new curated mixtape series we enlisted Deejay Greenman, a purveyor of psychedelia, folk, soft rock and all kinds of things mellow.

Deejay Greenman will be in residence on Melt for the coming months, we look forward to hearing what sort of narratives he brings.

Stephen Whynott - Retreat Suite
Morrison Kincannon - Beneath The Redwoods
Randy Loyd - June Marie
Ritchie Francis - My Music
Michael McGinnis - October Country
Brian Green and Saul Nathan - Indian Dream
Steve Weichert - Storm
C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell
Robey Falk and Bod - Free Blue
Paul Parrish - Dialogue Of Wind and Lover
Henri Texier - L'éléphant
Douglas Fir - Jersey Thursday
Greg Boehme - Love Be Kind
John Sangster - The Possum
Warehouse Sound Co & Friends - Medicine Wheel Theme
Bread - Look At Me
Barry Forgie - Mediterranée
Daryl Hall and John Oates - The Girl Who Used To Be
Kenny Rankin - Eartheart