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mixtape: fvf x melt
︎Mixtape, Music, Jazz, Boogie   
︎ Melt

We made a mix for Berlin based online magazine Freunde von Freunden. It's filled with bombastic oddities from all over the world, capturing Melt's esoteric output.

We also answered some questions over on FvF's site which you can view here.

Elements – Emerald Beach
Ed Starink
– Pebbles in the Pond
Claude Larson
– Earth
Yumi Murata
– Face to Face
Errol Reid
– Dreams 1
Taeko Ohnuki
– Labyrinth
BREAK // Extract from Alan Hawkshaw
– Astral Plain
Alan Parker – Pusher
C. Adamowic
– Creme de Menthe
Hiroshi Murakami & Dancing Sphinx
– Phoebus
Peter Hamilton Orchestra
– Theme From The Deep
Electric Connection
– Cry of The Lonely Wolf
– Stand Up
– Don’t cry (Extended Version)

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