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mixtape: big gold - old cave
︎Music, Mixtape, Cosmic, Space, Kraut   
︎ Melt

Terrific mix of churning, obscure, dark and strange sounds. From our fav Old Cave.
Via Pinchy & Friends

Echo Waves
- Manuel Gottsching

Make the World Go Away
- Ray Price

You Only Live Twice
- Nancy Sinatra

Pleasure Dome Solo
- Alex Van Halen

-  Driphouse
The Flux of Time
- Jim Williams
Walking Here, Two Shadows Went (excerpt)
- Jim Williams
Plutonium Stop
- Sauveur Mallia

High Tension (excerpt)
- Frank Reidy & Eric Allen

Pass Me By
- The Hello People
Le Samourai
- Francois de Roubaix

Gift of the Fool
-  Siddhartha

- Deep Listening Band

Rundgang Um Die Transzedentale Saule Der Singularitat (excerpt)
- Burzum

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