mixtape: beyond the wizards sleeve – the third mynd
︎Music, Mixtape, Psych, Rock   
︎ Leif Podhajsky

Crazy psych rarities mix from Beyond The Wizards Sleeve.

A BTWS Announcement – ‘Let’s Turn On The Power Of The Mynd’
The Mickey Finn – ‘Garden Of My Mind’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘An Uncanny World Of Your Mind’
Unknown – ‘I Dig Your Mind’ (sourced from Mr A. Weatherall)
Rupert’s People – ‘Dream On My Mind’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘We’ll Blow Your Mind’
The Pretty Things – ‘Blow Your Mind’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘The Mind Plays Strange Tricks’
The Attack – ‘Colour Of Your Mind’
Taiconderoga – ‘Speaking My Mind’
The Brew – ‘What Do You See In My Mind?’
Paul Parrish – ‘Forest Of My Mind’
Rameses and Selket – ‘In My Mind’s Eye’
A BTWS Announcement – ‘The Temple of The Expanded Mind’
Denny Laine – ‘Say You Don’t Mind’
The Fouth Way – ‘The Far Side Of Your Mind’

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