mixtape: baby, you feel like a summer wind
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Deejay Greenman continues his residency here on Melt, this time we are hit by the gentle breeze of balearic soft rock.

“I've dug out lots of softly ambient records that I've not played for a long time, including lots of very special material that hadn't quite yet fitted into my ongoing mix series. These kind of rediscoveries are always an absolute pleasure, and one of those uniquely joyful upshots of having a lot of records.“

Kenny Rankin - Inside
Jesse Colin Young - Maui Sunrise
Steven Michael Pague - Watch The Ocean Roll
Mark James - Keep The Faith
Michael Jarrett - Sunday In L.A.
Priscilla Coolidge - Let It Shine
Bonnie Koloc - Hold On To Me
The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street
Kathy Stack - Summer Wind
The Holy Mackerel - To Put Up With You
Warehouse Sound Co and Friends - Hold Me
Greame Wallace - Please Don't Let Me Fall
Keef Hartley - Australian Lady
Jeff Eubank - Kamikaze Pilot
Kenny Rankin - Make Believe
James Hendricks - Lily Of The Valley