mixtape: andrás fox - va coloured stones
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︎ Leif Podhajsky

Important mix by Andras & Lewis Fidock of Indigenous Australian songs –

"Lew and myself put some Indigenous Australian songs together in a mix around mid 2015 - just to make sense of some of the great music we'd been hearing and playing. We're hardly in a position to make commentary on the vastly diverse musical cultures that exist across the cities, towns and remote communities in Australia.

We encourage you to have a look and listen for yourself - you'll fine everything from desert reggae to 90s house, and stomping rock.

The refusal to celebrate Australia Day is part of an ongoing fight for the recognition of the abuse of Indigenous people's rights. If nothing else, we hope this mix serves as a tasteful alternative to the JJJ top 100 countdown (and a reminder that white Australia has a black history)" – András

Waak Waak Jungi - White Cockatoo (Contemporary)
Archie Roach
- Weeping in the Forest
Joe Geia
- Yil Lull
George Rrurrambu & Birdwave
- Kulilaya (Listen)
George Rrurrambu & Birdwave
- Bäru
Jon Royle, Joe Geia
- The Island
Waak Waak Jungi
- Kid’s Hunting Song
Lajamanu Teenage Band
- Vision
Blekbala Mujik
- Come-n-Dance
Waak Waak Jungi
- Mother I'm Coming
Blekbala Mujik
- Mibala Yubala
Maroochy Barambah
- Mongungi (Tribal Mix)
Napthali Willis and Messiah Long
- Here Comes the Rain
Sunrize Band
- Lem Bana Mani Mani
Coloured Stone
- Island of Greed
Joe Geia
- Fighting for our Rights

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