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"The future always foreshadows itself."

Ingo Swann (1933 - 2013) was a visionary artist and renowned for being a pioneer of the technique of ‘remote viewing’ (awareness of distant objects or places through extra sensory perception) at the Stanford Research Institute during the height of the Cold War.

Alongside renouned researchers and physicist, such as Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ, their project, code-named ‘Project Stargate’, ran from 1978 - 1995 and was entirely funded by the CIA with the aim of developing psychic abilities.

Some of Swann’s most notable discoveries using Extra Sensory Perception were describing, in 1973, Jupiter’s rings and the presence of rotating storms and ice crystals in its atmosphere, years before NASA confirmed their existence, as well as successfully locating terrestrial targets such as Soviet spy planes for the U.S Department of Defence.

Perhaps Swann’s most peculiar discovery whilst remote viewing was described in one of his books entitled, ‘Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy’ (1998), where he states that whilst employed by a covert, ‘deep black’ CIA operation, he was tasked to explore a possible colony on the dark side of the moon.

In 2006, classified files on the Stargate Project were released and confirmed Ingo Swann’s collaborations with the CIA.

Regarding the presence of extra-terrestrials on the moon, Swann stated that “not only are they already here, they are also building something”.

After being hypnotised by a secret agent known only as Mr. Axelrod, Swann was given various locations on the moon’s surface to remote view.
Upon reviewing the last location, Swann described seeing what appeared to be track marks leading towards a crater that was filled with a greenish haze of diffused light. At the centre of the crater were some kind of domed structures with windows. Swann moved closer and describes seeing humanoid figures inside who were working on something technical. Then, all of sudden, one of the beings, then two, then a dozen or more, stopped what they were doing and turned to the window where Swann had projected himself.

Swann said aloud, “They see me”.
Mr. Axelrod replied, “Come back, come back now.”
“They’re pointing at me”, Swann said.
Mr. Axelrod told Swann firmly, “Please come back, away from that place.”

Swann returned his consciousness back into the room and opened his eyes. He turned to Mr. Axelrod and said, “You already know they’re psychic, don’t you”.

“The experiment has now ended”, replied Mr. Axelrod.

Throughout his later life, Ingo Swann rarely made public appearances due to the media isolating his powers as a special case. He preferred instead to live out of the public eye, alongside his pet chinchilla, focussing on painting his visionary artworks to encourage others to reconnect to the energy of themselves and the cosmos.

“To a large extent, creativity is self-generated in areas of the mind beyond or beneath the individual’s willful, conscious control. All he can do is discipline his consciousness to accommodate the needs of the creative process.” - Ingo Swann.
“This archaic form of telepathy might not undergo conscious development in individuals, but it still remains in the collective unconscious where it continues to exist and react as a non- conscious responsive source of “reciprocal influence” within all individuals of the species.” - Ingo Swann.