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The first time we heard the new Simili Gum EP Pacifyer we were taken back by how similtaniously it feels soothing but chaotic. Like stepping into a very insular and fluid world full of poetic lanscapes.

A beautiful and hantingly personal debut EP, Pacifyer draws you in with its otherworldly sounds.  

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︎[Art: Camille Soulat]
The first time we heard the new Simili Gum EP Pacifyer we were taken back by how similtaniously it felt soothing but chaotic. Like stepping into a very insular and fluid world full of poetic lanscapes. 

After several years producing music in its most varied aspects, Simili Gum will deliver his first project realized and executed as a work in its own right. As a result of a long journey between experimental electronic music, rap and french variety, Pacifyer concentrated his influences into 7 personal and intimate tracks.

His writing, made up of an intermingling of poetic narratives and surrealist lyrics, draws on the contours of an atypical and marginal character, navigating in this rational world. His alien sounds, organic and electronic, are confronted with deeply human discourse and feelings.

  1. d’un coup 26
  2. Mur
  3. Voix off
  4. Cupola
  5. Un peu de gris
  6. Rendezvous pitch maneuver
  7. Stardust

There seems to be a very open and fluid scene that has developed in France in both music and art. Which feels uniquely French but also reflects changes on a global level. How do you see modern culture in France and how does your music sit within this sphere?
I don’t think that I have much perspective on the French scene. I am interested into artists from a lot of different countries.However, the way I experience what we can call a « French scene » is through my personal network. A lot of my friends are really talented artists and this is very stimulating !The scene becomes more and more open-minded and I can feel that forms are enriching each others.What is very exciting with modern culture is that there is so much possibilities that everyone can feel represented.I love when artists create their own sub-genre, I try my best to do mine.

The artwork for the EP was done by artist Camille Soulat, can you tell us a bit about working with her and how the artwork connects the music and the Simili Gum world?
Camille and me have been very close for years now and she’s probably the person who understand me the most.It’s always very easy to work with her because I don’t have any instructions to give to her.I have entire confidence in her vision as I know she totally gets my point.We worked together since the very beginning and so we can totally say that she is at the origin of my visual universe.Even when I collab with someone else -I recently called on the very talented video artist Lilian Hardouineau to work on my latest music video for example-,I’m showing her every steps, she gives advices and even help concretely !She is deeply involved in my project, and I really hope we will even go further in collaboration.

Can you tell us about the name Simili Gum and what it embodies, and also the EP title Pacifyer?
When I choose Simili Gum as a name I wanted to embody something like an idea, an imaginary substance, a new material.I’m very interested by notions like elasticity, flexibility, softness or distortion. I want them to be noticeable in each aspects of my work — from music to visuals passing by name and titles.Title of the EP ‘Pacifyer’ was given me by Camille. One day she literally texted me « Pacifyer : title of your project » after she listened to it for the first time. I immediately felt consonant with this title because one of my main aim is to bring a form of appeasement to people that feel weird or even rejected. I always struggle with titles and so I really appreciate when they are not only « mine ».

Can you tell us a bit about the evolution of Simili Gum and the process creating your new EP Pacifyer?
Well, for me it has been a pretty long process as I had multiple types of music projects since I'm 14 y.o.I started making music by rapping, I created multiple groups with my best friend for years,but then one day I felt like the music I was making no longer had much to do with my personal aspirations.I wanted to discover and understand myself I guess, so I experienced different sort of mediums (drawing, video, etc.) which led me to the fine arts academy.I was in my 3rd grade when I started producing. It was a really recreational practice for me.I did some sort of lo-fi ambient, later it gets more and more shapeless and experimental.But still, I was unsatisfied by the result as if something was missing. I felt the need to write and express myself in a more personnal way.When i started recording my voice over my productions (2 years ago) it made much more sense for me.Like if it was the ideal format to completely express myself while mixing my diverse influences.Since then I’ve been quite active on Soundcloud and Youtube, this allowed me to travel and perform in some venues.During last autumn, I decided to put all my energy into making this new EP ‘Pacifyer’ that I thought of as a real introduction to my universe.Process is still the same basically : I was in my room, I spent winter working on these songs in a very introspective mood.

“When I make music it’s one of the only moments where I completely let go.“

The first time I heard the tracks I was taken back by how different and unusual they feel.At the same time feeling soothing but chaotic. They appear quite personal, like I was stepping into a very insular world...How would you describe the style of music you make and how does it reflect yourself and the way the world feels at the moment?
When I make music it’s one of the only moments where I completely let go. While singing or producing I feel like I’m alone, even if someone is nearby - I let myself be taken by emotions of all kind. This is a place of deep intimacy while paradoxically a lot of my ideas comes from outside.My writing is usually a combination of notes I take when I walk around.I love to hang out alone searching for situations that appeals to me in anyway. Originally I am quite lost in thought, always wondering where is my place in this world. Writing, producing and singing was first of all a huge necessity for me. The right answer to those questions I was constantly asking myself and the form that it takes obviously reflects my vision of the world.

Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up and where you live now, and if this had any influence on your music?
I grew up in Lyon, I’m not sure in which way it influenced me, but I would not be the same person if I wasn’t born there, so…Anyway there’s a huge and very interesting variety of scenes in Lyon, I experienced some of it. I met a lot of very good friends there.But strangely I started assuming to do it my own way when I stopped trying to be part of a scene.It coincided with the exact moment I left Lyon for Marseille where I’ve been living for almost two years now.It has been very beneficial for both mind and creativity to leave my hometown.Marseille is always moving and inspiring, people here are a lot more expressive than anywhere else in France !But I can’t sit still and I’m so excited to move in near Paris with my very good friend and collaborator dYmanche in the next few months.