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Dima Rabik (aka Amid Kibar, a reflection of his own name) is a peripatetic artist who’s artworks are psychologically immersive sensoriums of printed, painted and illustrated matter.

Born in Russia and currently residing in Spain, Rabik’s work makes intellectual leaps between stratified cultural motifs, something that is indicative of a creative impetus, uninhibited by a fixed cultural perspective.

Through his assemblages, Rabik channels his deep rooted esoteric interests in Eastern esotericism (ranging from Shaivism, Smartism and Advaita Vedanta to name but a few) and draws attention to the ideas extending beyond the artworks themselves. With an awareness of sustainability and an ecological approach to making his artwork, Rabik uses, almost exclusively, hand made recycled papers, where his aesthetic of the ancient masters of India and Persia can be successfully achieved through the use of these carefully selected materials.

A balance of eclectic influences that not only feed his aesthetic output but also his intellectual curiosity, are represented in his interest in ‘Integral Theory’, a concept devised by Transpersonal Psychologist, Ken Wilber.
According to Wilber, it is one of the most comprehensive approaches to reality, a metatheory that attempts to explain how academic disciplines and every form of knowledge and experience fit together coherently. It suggests that all human knowledge and experience can be placed in a four-quadrant grid, along the axes of "interior-exterior" and "individual-collective".

“There is a charm to these artworks that resonate deeply with 'the nostalgia for the medieval', the return to a manuscript form...”

There is a charm to these artworks that resonate deeply with 'the nostalgia for the medieval', the return to a manuscript form, the meticulous. Marshall McLuhan once remarked that "Electronic man has no physical body, so he puts nostalgia in its place." Within this lies the sentiment contained within Rabik's works. That the revitalised, retribalised man, fragmented, nomadic, with no fixed perspective, is the characterisation of ourselves within the developmental stages of instant, electric communication, where all cultures happen at once.

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