album: three body
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︎ Melt

This eponymous release from Three Body fuses digital futurism with cosmic organica. Hedonistic breakbeats, woodwind and keys interpolate six melodious tracks, stemming from live recordings, revolving around percussive conversations. With the band’s raw minimal approach and combination of natural and synthetic instrumentation, this elemental EP offers an innovative study of contemporary electronic music and its relationship with ethnic rhythms and tones.

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︎ [Running Circle]

1. Palm Leaf
2. Messenger
3. Orbited Theory
4. Jampa Gawa
5. Samarkand Bazaar
6. Foyer

Three Body are a contemporary electronic and ethnic fusion ensemble from Nottingham, England. Formed in 2014, the trio began jamming live and recording in an open format, self-releasing 2 EPs with an improvisational take on beat music. The band later featured on Brownswood’s first Future Bubblers compilation; track ‘Nomad’ signalled the band’s obsessio with ancient timbres and earthly grooves. A series of live shows, recordings and releases pursued, alongside works with new age mystics Spirit Wrestlers [founded by Woosh of DIY].

“Hedonistic breakbeats, woodwind and keys interpolate six melodious tracks”