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There is no clear proof that the city of Chronopolis never existed. Instead, dreams and manuscripts agree on revealing that the history of the city is a story of eternity and desire.

︎Chronopolis, 1982

Chronopolis (1982) is an animated film that tells the story of a city in the sky, populated by technologically advanced, hieratic elders, who after acheiving eternal life have become jaded, finding their only pleasure and occupation in the construction and dissolution of sentient mechanical devices.

Considered partly as a criticism of the films lack of an explicit narrative, Chronopolis manages to avoid the more popularist science-fiction tropes by exploring the hero’s journey through the whimsy of a curious explorer, unphased by the concrete eternity of his newly discovered environment.

It was Kamler’s only feature length film, taking five years to produce. In its original 1982 release it includes narration by Parisian born actor Michel Lonsdale. In the 1988 re-release the film is accompanided only by the music of French experimental, electroacoustic composer Luc Ferrari.

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